Welcome to the Eskitis Nature Bank

Welcome to the Eskitis Nature Bank

Nature Bank is a unique biodiversity resource based on the natural product expertise of Griffith University’s Eskitis Institute. This unique chemical biodiversity resource comprises  over 45,000 biota samples, 17,000 extracts, 200,000 semi-purified fractions and 3,500 pure compounds.

Nature Bank biota samples are available for:

  • Discovery partnerships with academic and industry groups in the areas of pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, cosmetics and functional foods.
  • Studies of plant and marine invertebrate chemistry
  • Studies of plant and invertebrate genetics

We also offer services to convert your natural product libraries into high quality, screen-ready fractions, and can store, reformat and despatch your libraries to your collaborators around the world. Contact us now to discuss how we can add value to your natural products.


Hush Puppies Shoes — Famed Footwear

Hush Puppies Shoes — Famed Footwear

Hush Puppies shoes have been in existence for well over half a century. During that time period, they’ve been seen on countless people from all over the planet. Hush Puppies shoes are famed for their comfort and basic, straightforward appearances. If a person wants to wear stylish shoes but at the same time doesn’t want to stand out from the rest of the crowd too much, Hush Puppies shoes can make a perfect fashion solution.

People often feel very comfortable when they wear this type of brushed suede footwear. If a person needs to be on her feet all day long, then she may choose to wear Hush Puppies shoes. These shoes are known for their maximum comfort levels. People who live in fear of uncomfortable footwear that leads to blistering and worse often depend on Hush Puppies shoes at www.brandhousedirect.com.au/a/collections/brand-hush-puppies.

These shoes are easy to find all around the globe. They’re actually sold in 120 nations total. If a person is traveling and discovers that his old pair of Hush Puppies is a little too worn out, he can replace them easily. Luckily for people who wear these shoes, they don’t tend to wear out very quickly at all. They’re known for their superior strength.

These popular shoes are produced in a vast range of styles. If someone decides to buy them, he doesn’t have to commit himself to a single colour or overall look. He can choose between many exciting options from colour to design. Many people who are big fans of Hush Puppies actually have multiple pairs of these shoes at the ready.

Chic footwear doesn’t have to make feet feel cramped and achy. It can actually be extremely cosy. People who want their feet to look good but who don’t want to have to sacrifice comfort often invest in Hush Puppies.

The Benefits of Buying Comfort Shoes Online from Home

The Benefits of Buying Comfort Shoes Online from Home
When it comes to finding the best comfort shoes online, it’s all about looking for shoes that you’re going to wear with just about any outfit. Many people find that wearing comfortable shoes makes it easier for them to get around and generally enjoy themselves. When you are in an uncomfortable pair of shoes, you may find that you don’t want to do very much or can’t wait to get home to simply get out of them. Comfortable shoes by Homyped, on the other hand, make it easy for you to feel confident and comfortable all throughout the day.

One of the main benefits to finding comfort shoes online is that you can compare a wide range of shoe types and styles to match your needs. There are lots of comfortable shoes available for purchase on the Internet. You simply have to find the color and style that you want and then you can purchase your comfort shoes online. With comfortable shoes being purchased online, you will have more of a variety to choose from than if you were to go to a local store. Local shoe stores and departments may only have a small amount of comfortable shoes available, so this is why shopping online might be the better option for you.

With comfort shoes online, you will also be able to find better deals on the shoes that you need. Whether you’re looking for shoes that you can wear for work or just a great pair that’ll be used around the house or when you go jogging, there are many comfort shoes online for you to find and purchase. The fact that you have a wide variety of shoes on the Internet for you to choose from makes it simple to get the specific pair that’s right for you. The whole point of buying online is to find exactly what you want despite the fact that many local stores do not have the style that want in order to look and feel your absolute best.

Is Cord Blood Banking Right for Your Growing Family?

Is Cord Blood Banking Right for Your Growing Family?

As you prepare to welcome a new baby into your growing family, you may understandably have many hopes and dreams as well as a few fears that linger in the back of your mind. You may hope that your baby is born healthy and that health and happiness continue for the rest of that child’s life. However, you may also have fears about things that could happen, such as accidents or serious illnesses. These things happen to people all the time and when they are least expected, and the reality is that they could also happen to your family. You may think that there is little that you could do to prepare for such an event, but the fact is that cord blood banking is one option that could prove to be beneficial to your family in some situations. 

Cord blood banking is the process of collecting cord blood and tissues from the umbilical cord at the time of birth. Typically, these materials are cast aside during a baby’s delivery as medical waste, but they contain valuable stem cells that could be collected and stored for later use. In fact, they can be used to treat everything from a spinal cord injury and anemia to some immune diseases and certain types of cancer. There is a lengthy list of conditions that stem cells from cord blood banking is currently being used for, and this list continues to grow as new research is being conducted. 

As you can see, cord blood banking can be beneficial for your little one. Keep in mind that stem cells must be a genetic match in order to be useful, and the only sure way to know that your child has access to stem cells when needed is to use cord blood banking with Cell Care. These same stem cells may also be used to treat siblings and other close family members who may also be a close genetic match. This process is easy to complete. You simply have to find a great bank to work with, complete the paperwork and give a collection kit to the hospital staff when you are in labor. 

While you may hope for the best, you should plan for the worst. You may never need to use stem cells, but if the time comes when they are needed for a treatment, you will be happy that you took the step to pursue cord blood banking today. Keep in mind that you must register and request a collection kit before you go into labor. Therefore, there is no better time than right now to begin researching banks to work with.

Treat a Computer to Computer Repairs Melbourne

Treat a Computer to Computer Repairs Melbourne

When was the last time the owner of the computer treated the computer to something nice? It may sound weird, but computers do so much work for their owners each day. Sometimes they get sick just like people do. And sometimes they might need some upgrades. That’s why people should consider computer repairs Melbourne. They can’t do without a working computer. Computers are too important to neglect them. Computer owners must take care of their machines in order to keep them in the best possible condition. The computer will respond well to the computer repairs Melbourne with 1300fixnow.com.au once the repairs are finished. 

There are hackers who want to destroy computers and frustrate their owners. They make viruses, spyware, and other nasty bugs to infect computers. Firewalls can only protect a computer so much. And firewalls can’t clean up messes once they have started. The computer will run slowly until the viruses are removed. The experts for computer repairs Melbourne can assess the computer’s issues and solve the problems presented to them. Fast and friendly service awaits anyone who chooses to visit a computer repair shop in Melbourne. Viruses don’t stand a chance against a computer that sees the repair experts in Melbourne. 

Computers also need upgrades from time to time. Technology changes often. The computers must be prepared to change with the times or get left behind. Software and hardware upgrades make a computer run like new. A computer with outdated technology doesn’t work as well for the owners. That computer needs to visit computer repairs Melbourne as soon as possible to receive the necessary upgrades. And the computer will respond well to the upgrades as soon as the owner receives it back from the repair shop. Repair technicians know how to treat a computer the right way to keep it in top condition. 

Computer owners must do everything they can to help their computers run as efficiently as possible. Viruses, spyware, and other bugs suck the life out of a computer. The computer will lag and cause all kinds of problems. Outdated hardware can also hinder the effectiveness of the computer. Computers should always stay modern to compete with the changing environment of the internet. The experts at computer repairs Melbourne will use their vast knowledge to improve the computer in all kinds of ways. They can remove viruses and upgrade the software to make the computer the efficient machine it was designed to be.