Welcome to the Eskitis Nature Bank

Nature Bank is a unique biodiversity resource based on the natural product expertise of Griffith University’s Eskitis Institute. This unique chemical biodiversity resource comprises  over 45,000 biota samples, 17,000 extracts, 200,000 semi-purified fractions and 3,500 pure compounds.

Nature Bank biota samples are available for:

  • Discovery partnerships with academic and industry groups in the areas of pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, cosmetics and functional foods.
  • Studies of plant and marine invertebrate chemistry
  • Studies of plant and invertebrate genetics

We also offer services to convert your natural product libraries into high quality, screen-ready fractions, and can store, reformat and despatch your libraries to your collaborators around the world. Contact us now to discuss how we can add value to your natural products.

Benefits of Having Caravan Insurance

Benefits of Having Caravan Insurance

With an increase in road uncertainties, there calls for one to have current caravan insurance. Many governments have gone ahead to put it as a law, attributed to the many benefits that come in with the insurance. The driver or the owner gets guaranteed a secure peace of mind in the case of any road misfortune. The insurance company carries your entire burden that is attached to it like the high cost of repair and compensating the affected parties.

Based on the significant investment and sacrifice one endures to fully own a caravan, there require measures to ensure the risk factor gets minimized and if possible eradicated. It is what necessitates the owners to strictly have Youi caravan insurance with a reputable organization that can compensate in case of an accident.

Importance of Caravan Insurance

– It’s a responsible thing

Following the universal existence rule that states,” everyone should be accountable for his deeds’’, so is the driving of the caravans. One should always be able to compensate and pay all the affect parties in case of an accident. The problem is that the compensation fee is usually on the higher side hence many caravan owners may not be able to pay. It is why you need caravan insurance as it covers you in the case of any accidents.

– Accidents happen

Keep in mind that accidents are real. It does not matter whether you are a good driver or not, in the course of your driving career, you most probably will get involved in accidents. It is because some other careless driver may cross your path and hence get you into trouble. To offset the problems that accompany this, you ought to have a caravan insurance policy that will act on your behalf in case of such occurrences.

– Other hazards

You may not necessarily get involved in an accident but your caravan may get stolen. In this case, you also need someone to run to solve the problem. Only your caravan insurance will give you a 100% guarantee of getting compensation. All the losses will be taken care of by the caravan insurance company.

– Streamlines the roads

It brings a peaceful environment to all other road users. Imagine there was no caravan insurance company or any other form of vehicle insurance, the roads would be such a disaster full of pending cases. Life would be hard. Only the very wealthy could be able to drive. The caravan insurance policies have definitely brought order, peace and uniformity on the roads.